Top Tips for Success in Sixth Grade

Stay Organized!

Always copy things carefully into your planner. 
Sometimes it is the least important thing that we forget and we wish we would have written it down.
Cross assignments out neatly once they are completed. This will make it clear to see what remains to be finished.


Figure out by trial and error which study skills work best for you.
Do your homework each day in the same place
(No Computer, TV, Siblings etc.)

If you have trouble sitting still for a period of time then get a timer and set it. 

Each night read over your notes from class that day.
This will keep what you learned earlier in the day fresh in your mind. You are actually studying ahead of time too!

Ask for an assignment to be explained again if you aren’t quite sure what is expected.  

Chances are others in the class also may not be sure of the assignment so many children will benefit from your question.

If you do not understand what was taught in class that day it is your responsibility to let me know as you are leaving the class.  

We will work out a time when I can try to help you so you will not have difficulty on the homework that reinforces what we learned that day. 

You will not be confused on future concepts that may require a skill that was previously learned.

Clean out your folders, locker and book bag periodically and at the end of each marking period*.
(*unless the teacher tells you to hold off on cleaning out your folder until the unit is finished)
Make a folder for each marking period and keep it in a safe place.  You will be very organized for your final exams.

When not sure of an assignment or you are absent, check the class website for the work or call people from your class or the other section of the class.

You can make a deal with a friend or neighbor if either of you are ever absent, visit the teachers for any work to take home. Even if you are sick and are not able to complete it at least you will know what you missed. 

Check the class website if you can’t read what you wrote in your planner.

Pack up your books and HW carefully the night before school.      
Place them in the same place each night so they are not left behind. Immediately put your homework back in that subject folder so that you will be able to locate it the next day in class. This tip should help prevent you from forgetting your materials for class at home.