Energy in the Earth's Atmosphere Vocabulary


1. Electromagnetic     waves  Electromagnetic waves are bands of energy that transfer electric and magnetic energy through space

They are classified by the wavelength

2. Radiation  Radiation is the direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves


3. Visible Light  All the colors of the rainbow


These colors are the result of different wavelength.


4. Ultra violet Radiation

Ultraviolet radiation

·        Has short wave lengths

·        Not visible

·        Causes sunburns, cancer and eye damage

5. Infrared Radiation

Infrared radiation

·        Has long wave lengths

·        Not visible

·        Felt as heat


6. Wavelength


Wavelength is the distance between waves
7. Scattering

Scattering: the reflecting of energy, radiation in all directions

o       Energy of shorter wavelengths are scattered the most (blue light) (during daytime)

o       During sunrise and sunset the atmosphere is very thick and most of the “blue” wavelengths are removed, so we see red