Students in the enrichment program at Locust Valley Intermediate School and Bayville Intermediate School put the math and science skills they learned all year to practical use.  The LVI students traveled to BI to work as a group building kites that they could actually fly.

To build a kite that is functional, the classes had to use algebra, physics, art, and other academic skills as they worked cooperatively with materials such as nylon, dowels, string, and glue. The wrong ratios and measurements would create a kite that would be grounded. Creativity was abundant as the kites were all different shapes and colors.

Enrichment teacher Joseph Aragonesi said the project shows the students that the material they are learning has an actual use in their lives. “They see that math and science skills are important and are needed for real-life scenarios.”

The only thing the students could not control was the wind … another factor necessary for kites to fly.