Student Artist’s Piece Included in Exclusive Exhibit

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Locust Valley High School sophomore Noelle Valdinoto’s artwork was displayed in the 2019 Nassau County High School Student Juried Exhibit at The Art Guild in Manhasset.

Noelle’s work was selected in the juried exhibition, which required original submissions to be in 2D or 3D and created by hand. Her submission was selected and included in the exhibit during the month of November.

Her graphite artwork, “It’s About Time,” is the portrait of 93-year-old female artist Betye Saar. Noelle read an article about the artist, which discussed her pieces made from everyday items focusing on global culture, mysticism, history and racism, in which Saar said it is about time she is earning attention for her work. Noelle was inspired by Saar and spent countless hours ensuring she balanced the implied texture of Saar’s hair and face while still creating contrasting and interesting values.

“I believe Noelle has a mature thought process and is incredibly talented,” said Locust Valley High School art teacher Melanie Mooney. “She wanted to give Betye Saar the attention that she deserves.”

Noelle said her piece and its title hint to a deeper meaning in Saar’s long journey as an artist.

Congratulations to Noelle on being chosen for inclusion in this exclusive exhibit.