Locust Valley High School mathematicians competed in an intense, national math competition that helped them sharpen their math skills and required them to think out of the box. The American Math Competition (AMC) is sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America and includes more than 220,000 students from around the world.

Ninth and tenth grade students took the AMC 10, while juniors and seniors took the AMC 12. None of the students are allowed to use calculators during the exams. The top scorers nationwide go on to participate in an international math competition. Locust Valley High School had 75 students participate at the national level.

Some of the most prestigious colleges and universities request AMC scores on their applications. Students are recognized at the school, state, regional, and national-levels for their achievement.

Performing at high levels on the AMC can lead to participation in even more selective math contests, including the International Mathematical Olympiad, the premier international high school-level problem-solving contest.  

The AMC states that the problems in the contest are hard, but designed to be within reach.  They add that participation alone in the contest should provide a sense of accomplishment because these problems are meant to be more challenging than routinely encountered in mathematics courses.

District Math Coordinator Robert Teseo said the AMC is an excellent experience for students. “The AMC is the first opportunity for our students to experience the larger world of mathematics.  For students who achieve in mathematics, the AMC allows them to apply these skills in a creative manner, similar to how they might apply their knowledge to a unique situation in a college or career situation.”

While it is an extraordinary accomplishment to sit for this exam, several students should be recognized for earning the highest scores of any Locust Valley student.  Isaac Park was the high scorer for the AMC 12 and Jack and Quinlan Ferrante were tied as the high scorers for the AMC 10.

Congratulations to all!