Students at Ann MacArthur and Bayville Primary Schools were taught by some very special visiting teachers – Locust Valley High School students. Through a program called “High School Heroes,” about 50 high school students became teachers for a day, providing lessons on community and business to children in Kindergarten through second grade. In its third year, High School Heroes previously took place at the Intermediate Schools and this year was brought down to the Primary Schools for the first time.

The program, a partnership with Junior Achievement, was intended to inspire and prepare elementary school children to succeed in a global economy, while at the same time providing high school students an opportunity to become leaders in the community. Through training provided by the Junior Achievement organization, lesson plans are used to help the “teachers” provide valuable, educational lessons to their classes.

Locust Valley High School Assistant Principal Rebecca Gottesman said the program provided the younger students with a unique opportunity to learn about the business world from teenagers, a group that they look up to and admire.

The heroes themselves gained experience planning lessons, teaching, and learning to be leaders. Ms. Gottesman said the collaboration was very successful.  “Many of the high school participants ended the day feeling as though they had helped the community, encouraged young children, and learned about themselves throughout the process.” Some of the students are interested in pursuing a career in teaching after thoroughly enjoying the experience, she added.