Students at Ann MacArthur Primary School and Bayville Primary School marked the 100th Day of school with counting, singing, and celebrating the number one hundred.

At Bayville Primary School, a special guest read a story that featured the number one hundred.  Locust Valley High School Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire read “100 School Days” by Anne Rockwell and encouraged the children in kindergarten through second grade to take the book out of the school library and read it on their own. “ You can read this book and figure out how many children are in the classroom using math,” Dr. McGuire said.

At Ann MacArthur Primary School, second graders performed a musical piece celebrating the day.  Parents of those second graders attended the assembly and joined in the fun. Using songs that count to 100 and creating artwork surrounding the number, the curriculum is enhanced in a fun way, said AMP Principal Dr. Sophia Gary.  ‘The children counted by tens, by ones, and learned just how much 100 really is,” she explained. “Making math fun reinforces what the children are already learning.”

BP Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus agreed, adding that special activities help the children get excited about math. “They want to learn math when the learning is so much fun.” At BP, the entire day focused on the number one hundred.