Students at Bayville Primary School may think that Field Day was just plain old fun, but what they didn’t realize was that all the skills they learned throughout the year were being put to use.

Throwing, catching, coordination, team work, and school spirit were all incorporated in the day’s Circus theme. Each event centered on an age appropriate physical education skill and used circus activities as the foundation. Running with giant cotton candy cones required balance, passing a ball using only their feet required coordination and teamwork. Events such as the elephant walk, tall man/tall woman, and strong man/strong woman also incorporated the circus themes with physical education skills.

In May, students learned about elections and held an actual vote. The results of that vote required Principal Scott McElhiney and Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus to dress as clowns for the day, which really added spirit to the event!

Thanks to Physical Education teachers Kristen Hordy, Frank Kollias, and Carlyn Gordon for coordinating the day!