Two Locust Valley High School students enriched the spirit of the community this past Valentine's Day when they anonymously posted Valentine's messages on every single student's locker in the high school. The messages were inspiring and uplifting, putting smiles on the faces of students as they approached their lockers that day. Without getting credit or asking for anything in return, these secret admirers may have made a difference in how someone viewed their day.

Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire said he is proud to say that this act represents the generosity and kindness of the student body. "These are the types of young men and women that grace our halls," he said. "These are students who do for others, and ask nothing in return - not even a thank you.  They are quite happy to have brightened the faces of their peers.  "

The messages were hand written on colorful sticky notes and stuck to the outside of lockers. They included messages such as "Wake up everyday with an  idea that something wonderful is going to happen. You're Beautiful." Many of the messages had hand drawn hearts at the bottom. Their actions embody the caring atmosphere that our community treasures.