For students at Bayville Elementary School, Valentine’s Day is about spreading the love to those who need it most.  At Bayville Primary School, Kindergarten students in Carolyn Sumcizk’s class created original Valentine’s cards for Veterans.  At Bayville Intermediate School, students wrote and drew Valentine’s cards for children in Island Park who were hit hard by Superstorm Sandy.

While helping to brighten Valentine’s Day for others, these young students were learning at the same time.  Using their art skills, penmanship, spelling and creativity, the children incorporated their curriculum into the project. However, they also learned compassion.

“It makes them feel good to do something nice for others,” said Ms. Sumcizk. “They were very excited to make these cards and to know someone would smile when they received it.”

Third grade teacher Christine Arthur organized the project at Bayville Intermediate School and said many classes participated, creating a large number of cards to distribute. Mrs. Arthur said her class was writing personal messages to the children from Island Park. ‘They are creating greetings that will remind the recipients that there are people who care about them.” She added that her third graders were using important skills for the project such as creative writing.

In the end, while the Bayville students gained so much from these projects, the real winners were those that received the cards.