Congratulations to the following members of the Locust Valley Track & Field Team who competed in the Nassau County Championships at Mitchel Field on May 25th and 26th:

400m Hurdles                      Wally Gurzynski            8th Place                               (School Record Holder)                                 
100m                                      Marc Mauro              Class A County Champion     (School Record Holder)
800m                                      Henry Jansen                12th Place
200m                                      Marc Mauro               Class A County Champion     (School Record Holder)
400m                                      Kevin Jania                   9th Place
                                                Peter Hogya                 11th Place
1600m                                   Matt Rieger                  12th Place
Long Jump                            Tom Parisi                    9th Place
4x800m                                  Matt Rieger, Henry Jansen, Kevin Jania, & John Udisky           8th Place
4x400m                                  Wally Gurzynski, Henry Jansen, Kevin Jania, & John Udisky    4th Place
4x100m                                  Tom Parisi, Alex Minicozzi, Will Mitry, & Marc Mauro            5th Place   (School Record Holder)

The following athletes will be competing in the New York State Qualifier meet on June 2nd and June 3rd at Westbury HS 4:00 p.m.:

100m                           Marc Mauro
200m                           Marc Mauro
4x400m                       Wally Gurzynski, Henry Jansen, Kevin Jania, & John Udisky
4 x 100 m                   Tom Parisi, Alex Minicozzi, Will Mitry & Marc Mauro
400m Hurdles            Saeunn Petursdottir, Denise Beauchamp                               
800m                          Grainne O’Neill, Fiona O’Neill and Grace Murphy                         
200m                          Carly Chianese
400m                          Grainne O’Neill and Lucy Hayes
1500m                        Karissa Chiantella, Alessandra Sorrento                    
Triple Jump                Saeunn Petursdottir, Karissa Chiantella
4x800m                      Fiona O’Neill, Grace Murphy, Grainne O’Neill and Karissa Chiantella                       
4x400m                      Lucy Hayes, Grainne O’Neill, Baily Bondy and Carly Chianese 
4 x 100 m                   Rose Lucidi, Sara Berke, Carly Chianese, Saeunn Petursdottir  
100m                          Sara Berke and Rose Lucidi
3000m                        Alessandra Sorrento    

Congratulations to all of the student athletes for a great year and also to our Varsity Boys staff, Coach Joseph Lee and Coach Tim Lomot and our Varsity Girls staff Shawn Miley and Katherine Murawski..