Appropriate staff in each of the LVCSD schools has been trained on concussion management – an important safety protocol that can make a difference in the recovery of a child sustaining a concussion.
While New York State has implemented the Concussion Management Awareness Act, Locust Valley is one of only a few districts that have taken this management program all the way down to the elementary level. The state’s mandate requires that coaches, physical education teachers, nurses and athletic trainers complete a biennial certification program. However, Locust Valley has provided training for the staff at the elementary level in addition to the required training.
The elementary staff members were presented with the same material that is taught to the coaches, physical education teachers, nurses and athletic trainers at the middle school and high school. This includes recognizing the symptoms of a concussion, how to monitor a child who has a possible concussion and learning the appropriate treatment to seek if necessary.  Presented by the district’s Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics, Mark J. Dantuono and Assistant Athletic Trainer Tony Marra, school staff was also alerted to possible symptoms of post-traumatic concussion syndrome.
Following a lecture and slide show, the participants were given the opportunity to ask questions on any of the topics covered. “There was a great response to this training,” said Mr. Dantuono. “The staff was very receptive to having as much information as possible that could help one of their students.”
Mr. Marra explained that although there are no formal athletic programs at the elementary level, a concussion may occur from a number of accidents, such as a child hitting his or her head on a desk, falling in the playground, or bumping into another child. “It can happen anywhere and our staff will be prepared to recognize, react, and respond should it happen in school,” said Mr. Marra.