Students at Locust Valley Intermediate School were involved in a seven-week awareness and fundraising campaign to help bring clean drinking water to a war-torn village in rural South Sudan. The project, sponsored in part by the Locust Valley Elementary Parents’ Council, came to a close this fall with a $5,000 goal being realized.

LVI students and their families raised an impressive $4,200. As students and staff returned to school this past September, they were resolute in having our school community reach the $5,000 goal. A contribution at this level insures that the school’s name will be permanently inscribed on a well to be dug during the next dry season (which begins this December and ends in May).

This fall, the Locust Valley Elementary Parents’ Council generously offered to donate proceeds of the ‘Back to School’ Bake Sales. Contributions were also made by LVI parents at the school picnic this fall, bringing the fundraising total to the goal of $5,000. The generosity of the LVEPC and the various parents donating to the cause is greatly appreciated. On their own, the students raised close to $3,000 – an incredible amount for fifth graders – or anyone for that matter.

Organized by LVI Librarian Anne Joyce, Science Lab Instructor Caroline McBride, and Computer Lab Teacher Maria Sidor, the project tied in with the science and social studies curriculums and brought to light that ‘where you live impacts how you live’.  Our students may now better understand this statement after Long Island was greatly damaged by Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’Easter,

This year Mrs. Joyce, Mrs. McBride, and Mrs. Sidor are planning an awareness and fundraising project that targets a more local community … our Long Island community. Stay tuned.