Using skills learned in the second-grade classroom, art, library, and technology, students at Bayville Primary School created their own clay animation movies about dinosaurs. Clay animation, also known as stop-motion animation, requires filmmakers to move the clay subjects of their film approximately 12 times for each second of the film in order to create the visual effect of movement.

Second graders in Mrs. Rovere’s class researched dinosaurs and applied what they learned to writing scripts, molding accurate dinosaurs out of clay, and creating the props and scenery.

“This project provided an opportunity for collaboration among various disciplines,” stated Mrs. Rovere. She explained that the teachers of each subject area worked together on the project to incorporate various skills, with the end result culminating in a claymation video.

Creating the actual video also taught students a variety of skills including critical thinking, literacy, interpersonal communication, public speaking, artistic expression, story telling, and group decision-making.

Art teacher Erin Keys, library media specialist Stefanie Lipsey, and technology specialist Kit Knight each contributed to the collaborative project.