Sixth graders at Locust Valley Middle School are studying poetry by reading it, hearing it, and of course, writing it themselves. After listening to a guest poet discuss her poems and offer tips on writing poetry, students took a trip to the beach for poetic inspiration.

“Poetry can be a uniquely personal form of expression, the genesis of which can be both from personal experience and observation,” said Locust Valley Middle School Principal Tom Hogan.

Sitting on towels, with paper and pencil in hand, students looked out at the water, the horizon and the beautiful Bayville beach – all offering opportunities to use descriptive words. “It’s important that our students recognize that their everyday experiences offer opportunity to reflect, create and grow; both as writers and artists. The sixth-grade team of teachers continues exploring ways to inspire and instill confidence in our young writers. This experiment was successful on every level; the children motivated each other and had a great time as well...instruction at its finest.” Mr. Hogan explained. Additionally, if young writers can see poetry as being fun, or as something you can do anywhere, they may be more likely to continue writing in the future.