Jack Dolce

Jack Dolce is committed to keeping property taxes down while preserving the excellent education which Locust Valley students receive.

Mr. Dolce, who received his MBA from the University of Dayton, has vast financial experience as an investor, business executive, and entrepreneur, will rely on his background in finance to help the district create stable budgets that preserve educational excellence and keep costs down. Additionally, Mr. Dolce taught the Capstone Business Course at Hofstra University for five years and taught Economics at University of Dayton for one year. He plans to lobby State Senators and Assemblymen to eliminate unnecessary mandates imposed on school districts. Additionally, he will work closely with the Administration to negotiate responsible contracts with teachers, administrators, and staff. “Contracts need to reflect today’s poor economic climate,” Mr. Dolce said.

Carl Friedrich

Carl Friedrich is dedicated to meeting the district’s financial obligations while maintaining its exceptional academic standing. With four children who will go through the Locust Valley School District, Mr. Friedrich has a deeply vested interest in keeping taxes low and educational standards high.

Mr. Friedrich, a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, is a financial planner and investment manager who plans to use his professional experience to manage the district’s finances. He plans to take active roles in deciding key budgetary priorities. “I will also keep a keen eye on maintaining the educational excellence Locust Valley provides,” Mr. Friedrich said.