Through creative dance, song, and visual effects, the third graders at Locust Valley Intermediate School performed “It’s a Small World”, an original multicultural show for their families. Preparation for the show took place entirely during the student’s art and music classes. Art teacher Mrs. Dana Ettinger and music teacher Mrs. Jane Benstock coordinated the music and visuals with the Grade 3 curriculum. Students learned about various cultures and traditions associated with the countries they studied.

Each of the third grade classes represented a country, wearing native costumes, singing songs in that country’s language, and performing traditional dances. Each class began with their country’s National Anthem.

Mrs. McElawain’s class presented the country of Mexico, and lit up the stage in red and green. Mrs. Arthur and Ms. McDermott’s class learned about Zimbabwe on the continent of Africa, participating in an African Drum Circle. Wearing African face paint they dramatized an African folk tale. Dressed in beautiful kimonos, the songs and dances of Japan were performed by Mrs. Kreisberg’s class. Focusing on the Italian Carnival of Venice, Mrs. Herlich’s class sang “That’s Amore” and even performed a traditional Italian maypole dance.  The program concluded with “The Song of Peace”, which was sung by the entire grade level and enhanced with American Sign Language.

It was a wonderful experience for all that combined fun with learning!