All of us know that the aftermath of "Sandy" continues for many in our school community. In addition to our residents, the impact continues to be felt by many in our faculty, by many of our students and by our school district. This historic crisis stretched our personal and professional resources to the breaking point and challenged us to acknowledge that we do not control the most important things in life or, for that matter, life itself. It also re-taught us some of the most important lessons to be learned---to not take things or one another for granted, to be willing to provide assistance to the best of our abilities, and to be grateful when we receive the help of others.
The holiday season and the beginning of the new year always provide us with opportunities to reflect, give thanks for what we have, plan for the future and to make it a better one for ourselves and for others.
On behalf of our students, faculty and Board of Education members, I hope your holidays and the New Year are filled with much love and happiness, and that all life's "storms" stay way off shore!!

Dr. Anna. F. Hunderfund
Superintendent of Schools