The LVCSD administrators and staff initiated a community barbecue to help feed the community just days after Hurricane Sandy hit. They braved the gas lines and the weather, and ignored their own hurricane related problems, to help the residents of Bayville who were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

A barbecue with hot dogs, hamburgers, clam chowder and chicken soup provided hot food to residents who were cleaning out their flooded homes, sleeping in cold houses and waiting for normalcy to return. Sunday, November 4th, many administrators and staff gathered at the Bayville Fire Department to serve up the hot food.  Students, residents, Board of Education members, and the Coordinated Parents’ Council contributed by helping at the barbecue and donating funds or items. Janowskis Hamburgers in Rockville Centre generously donated food.

Thanks to all in our school community the who gave their time and money to help others in LVCSD!