Having fun while learning, young scientists at Locust Valley Elementary School conducted research and experiments, and brought their results to the school’s annual science fair, hosted by the Locust Valley Parents’ Council.

Do potatoes conduct electricity? How about lemons? Does one brand of batteries last longer than another? Does temperature affect how popcorn pops? These were the scientific questions posed by the third through fifth graders, and the answers were fascinating. Two fifth-graders proved that keeping popcorn kernels in the freezer actually reduces the number of unpopped kernels. A third grader discovered that one brand of batteries outlasted the competition by many hours, and a fourth grader demonstrated how a wing actually enables an airplane to fly.

“These students did a remarkable job taking the skills they have learned in math and science and applying them to proving a hypothesis,” explained Ken Packert, Locust Valley’s K-12 Science Coordinator. “Conducting these experiments and presenting them to the community also gives the students confidence that they can discover new and exciting things with the foundation of skills they already have.”

Each student or group of students had a display explaining their experiment, the items used to conduct the research, and clearly written explanations of their hypothesis and conclusion. The Parent Council awarded each participant a certificate and ribbon for their effort. Everyone went home a winner!