Bayville Kidsday Reporters

Class photo
Getting a byline in a newspaper is a big deal for a writer – getting that byline in elementary school is quite an accomplishment. Students in Christine Arthur’s fifth-grade class at Bayville Intermediate School accomplished just that when they became Kidsday reporters for Newsday.
Mentored by Newsday reporter Pat Mullooley, the students learned how to conduct interviews, write articles and edit their work. Mullooley visited Mrs. Arthur’s classroom several times to work with the students, and four writers were chosen to participate in a professional interview.
Gavin Boyd, Keith Dempster, Liz Madden and Kaitlyn O’Brien traveled with Mrs. Arthur to interview New York Islander Matt Martin at the Northwell Ice Arena in Eisenhower Park, where the team practices. They worked on their interview questions first in class with their teacher and then with Mullooley, who helped them understand what questions would produce better answers for a quality news story.
The team that interviewed Martin had their story published in Newsday on Dec. 8. Mrs. Arthur’s entire class wrote articles and submitted them to Newsday. Many of them will be featured over a six-day run in April editions of Kidsday. Other articles include local restaurant reviews, local news stories, DIY projects and surveys. The children wrote jokes and riddles, too. The class answered other children’s submissions to “Dear Kidsday” and provided illustrations to be included in their editions.
Mrs. Arthur said that the experience of working with a professional reporter enhanced the writing portion of the fifth-grade curriculum. “The students were excited to write for Newsday’s Kidsday and getting advice from a professional inspired them. They worked very hard and although not every article submitted will be printed, I am very proud of all of their efforts.”