National Honor Society Honors Inductees

Students light candles

For their dedication to the pillars of scholarship, service, leadershipand character, Locust Valley High School students were inducted into the National Honor Society on Jan. 16. Nearly 100 students joined the ranks of this elite society, participating in a traditional ceremony, which included lighting candles to represent those four pillars.

Board of Education President Brian T. Nolan addressed the inductees and their families, congratulating them on their outstanding accomplishments. “We congratulate each and every one of you – students, parents and faculty – for the successes you have earned,” he said. “And we thank you for making Locust Valley the exceptional place that it is. To our inductees, this is the beginning of a life that can be whatever you want. You set your goals on being admitted to the National Honor Society and you succeeded, so now you know you can do anything you set your mind to. We will be here to cheer you on, to celebrate your successes and to follow your journey.”

High School Principal Patrick Clemente also shared inspiring words for the inductees to take forward. “Thomas Friedman recently wrote in the New York Times about owning your own future,” Mr. DiClemente said. “He stated that if you want to be a lifelong employee anywhere today, you have to be a lifelong learner. That means that more is now on you – self-motivation to learn and to keep learning becomes the most important life skill.”

Junior Michelle Hsu, one of the inductees, performed “Reflets dansl’eau,” by Claude Debussy on the piano, creating a relaxing and enjoyable interlude during the ceremony.

National Honor Society officers President Caroline Faraday, Vice President Joe McNamara, Secretary Brooke Cody and Treasurer Lindsay Merenda presented descriptions of each pillar and lit the appropriate candle, before all of the inductees recited the pledge and lit individual candles, lighting up the stage.

National Honor Society advisers Rachel McShane and Stephanie Scavelli organized the ceremony along with the officers, creating an evening fit for the level of achievement these students have reached. 

Congratulations to all of the inductees on this remarkable accomplishment!