Geography Bee Champion Has Worldly Knowledge

Spelling Bee Winners
Sixth-grader John Hartnett earned the title of Middle School Geography Bee champion on Jan. 4 by answering more geography questions correctly than his opponents in the schoolwide bee. He had close competition from his peers, including eighth-grader Alisha Uduevbo, who was named runner-up.
Among many questions, contestants were asked to name the most populous country in Scandinavia (Sweden), which lake Saginaw Bay in Michigan is an inlet of (Lake Huron) and in which country Darien National Park is located (Panama).
Answering questions based on topics covered in the middle school social studies curriculum, the students earned their spots in the schoolwide competition by first winning at the classroom level.
As part of the National Geographic GeoBee, John will now take an online qualifying test for the state level of the competition.