Embracing Cultural Diversity


Locust Valley families grabbed their passports and traveled the world without the hassle of packing suitcases or experiencing jetlag. The Ann MacArthur Primary School and Locust Valley Intermediate School community just had to get themselves to AMP, where an International Food Festival awaited their arrival.

The all-purpose room was filled with delicious smells emanating from culinary delights popular in Albania, Chile, El Salvador, Pakistan, Poland, Romania and many more countries, as guests brought dishes that represented their own cultures. The room décor included placements designed by the students, which represented maps of various countries and colorful pennants hung throughout the space. 

Food and décor were not the only things that created the international feel. Performances by students provided insight into the lifestyle and culture of some of the represented countries. Guests were treated to Irish and Greek dancing and a violin solo. Each child received a passport in which they could document the countries they visited by tasting those foods. A photo backdrop was provided for vacation selfies and games representing various regions were played by children and parents alike. Aboriginal dot painting provided fun and exposure to an activity that children in another culture enjoy.

The International Food Festival was hosted and organized by the Locust Valley Parents’ Council. The annual event provides an opportunity for families to share their own cultures with the community. 

Locust Valley Elementary School Principal Dr. Sophia Gary said the Parents’ Council goes above and beyond to make the evening special. “Everyone truly enjoyed the festival, and our students saw firsthand that the traits that make us unique also make us special,” she said.