Learning From Leading


Learning from each other and sharing ideas was beneficial to attendees of the IB Student Roundtable, hosted by the high school’s IB Leadership Group.  The roundtable included IB students from Locust Valley, Hauppauge High School and The Portledge School.

The Locust Valley student organization arranged the event and many of the details, including suggesting guest speaker, Cory Muscara, a mindfulness and positive psychology specialist. Following his presentation on mindfulness and stress relief, IB Leadership Group members facilitated breakout groups, which allowed participants to gain insight into the IB programs at each other’s schools, form connections with one another and share strategies and tips for getting the most out of the program.

Senior Kyra Schmeizer said she found the event to be successful and helpful. "It was very interesting learning about different meditation and mindfulness exercises, and has inspired me to go on a short silent meditation retreat,” she said. She added that she enjoyed the breakout sessions where she learned how the other school´s complete their CAS hours.

Other Locust Valley participants said that in their breakout sessions they reflected on their experiences with the extended essay, a requirement for all IB Diploma candidates. One Locust Valley High School junior said practicing the five-finger meditation shared by Muscara before a recent test, helped her remain calm and earn 100 percent on the exam.

IB Coordinator Angela Manzo and IB Leadership Group advisor Barbara Mierlak said the roundtable event was the students’ idea and they did much of the planning and moderated the event themselves. “They were true leaders in every sense of the word,” said Ms. Mierlak. “They embodied the principles of the IB program and we are very proud of them.”