Locust Valley Jesters Entertain in 'Check Please’


The Locust Valley High School Jesters welcomed visitors into Guillermo’s Gourmet Café to witness the antics of several disastrous blind dates in the drama “Check Please.” As audience members sat at tables in the café, they observed two single people repeatedly disappointed by the strangers that showed up for their dates. A kleptomaniac, a child, a woman with an imaginary friend, a grandmother and a mime were among the unwelcome dinner partners.

Two performances on Nov. 17 and 18 immersed the audience in the action, including cast members serving coffee and pastries during intermission. The entire waitstaff of Guillermo’s Gourmet Café even came out to sing “Happy Birthday” to an unsuspecting diner. The café owner walked around during intermission to ask patrons if they were enjoying their desserts. 

The Locust Valley High School auditorium stage, which was transformed into the café, was filled with laughter throughout the performances as the cast members played their roles with emotion and creativity.

“Check Please” was produced by Marc Yavoski with costumes by Lisa Conti, stagecraft by Joan Passero and Nicole Stiegelbauer Montenegro and stage direction by Allison Hungate Wood.

The cast included Emily Barosin, Emma Berens, Maria Bubulinis, Aspen Collings, Sydney Collings, Brett Dalis, Sebastian Diaz Gomez, Valentina Friedrich, Ashlee Joly, Ava Lamb, Emma Livoti, Alim Merchant, Christian Ordonez, Lydia Paulus, Nitha Paulus and Timothy Peguillan.