Reinforcing Fire Safety

fire safety collage
Bayville firefighters shared lifesaving tips with students at Bayville Primary School during the fire department’s annual visit on Oct. 19. Reinforcing fire safety tips that are taught to students as part of the primary school curriculum, Bayville’s bravest donned their firefighting gear to show the children that although they may look scary in their protective pants, jackets, helmets and facemasks, they are there to help and children should not hide from them. 

They also demonstrated the Darth Vader-type sound that is heard when they breathe through their oxygen masks. “When you hear that sound, you know help is there,” said firefighter Rashad Abdel. He and his fellow firefighters reminded the children in kindergarten through second grade that they need to have an escape plan and a meeting place that they’ve determined ahead of time with their families. Some other safety rules shared included not rescuing pets or toys themselves, staying low to the ground and, of course, calling 911 for help. 

While the fire safety tips were the most important part of the day, the opportunity to sit in the fire trucks was surely the highlight for this audience. 

Many thanks to the members of Bayville Fire Company No. 1 for taking time out of their busy schedules to promote fire safety to the Bayville Primary School students!