The LVCSD Board of Education is aware that many residents received their tax bills over the past few days. Although some of these tax bills reflect a school tax increase higher than the homeowner may have expected, the school district tax levy increase remains at 2.6 percent, which is what voters approved in May. That literally means what the Board said in the spring: the school district is getting 2.6% more in total tax revenue over last year, as approved by voters.

LVCSD, along with all of the school districts in the County, submitted this tax levy to Nassau County after it was approved by residents. This lets the County know that the total amount of taxes needs to be increased by 2.6 percent over the prior year's levy. That is where the school district's involvement ends.

An individual homeowner's total school property tax is NOT determined solely by the school district tax levy. The property tax change on a year-over-year basis is determined by a combination of factors which include:

  •     The change in the school tax levy, if any
  •     The change in your home's assessment, if any
  •     The change the total assessed value of all properties in the district, if any
  •     The change in the adjusted base proportion (tax apportionment among the four classes of property in the County)

The school district – indeed, its voters – only has control over changes in the school tax levy. Although some homeowners will see a larger tax increase than others, the total tax increase received by LVCSD is still 2.6 percent, which is very slightly less than the state tax cap for the district for 2012-13. 

Any grievances regarding tax assessments need to be made to Nassau County. The school district has no control over a homeowner’s assessment, the total assessed value, or the adjusted base proportion.