Board of Education Honors Academic Excellence

Locust Valley High School congratulates the accomplishments of current and past students who have distinguished themselves as International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Scholars, some with honors and distinctions.

Presented with certificates at the Oct. 10 Board of Education meeting, the AP scholars were recognized for their dedication to academics. The achievement is an elite designation for resumes and college applications.

AP scholars have earned a score of three or higher on at least three AP exams. AP Scholars with Honors have earned at least a 3.25 on all of their AP exams and AP Scholars with Distinction have earned a score of three or higher on a minimum of four AP exams.

Students earning the Locust Valley IB Scholar designation have achieved a four or better on no fewer than three IB exams. The alumni were recognized based on exams scores that were released during the summer and therefore could not attend the meeting as many are at colleges and universities outside of the area.

Congratulations to the following Locust Valley High School students and graduates from the Class of 2018:

Advanced Placement Scholars

Student AP Designation Grade
Zophie M. Lemaitre AP Scholar 10
Alexandra L. Amendolara AP Scholar 11
Sophie A. Barteau AP Scholar 11
Christopher E. Bartell AP Scholar 11
Lisa A. Cheung AP Scholar 11
Nina R. Cialone AP Scholar 11
Nils R. Coffey AP Scholar 11
Avery E. Denatale AP Scholar 11
Gage X. Denatale AP Scholar 11
Michael C. DiSpirito AP Scholar 11
Patrick J. Fallon AP Scholar 11
Julia G. Forte AP Scholar 11
Benjamin T. Levin AP Scholar 11
Emma R. Livoti AP Scholar 11
Jordan A. Mastrodomenico AP Scholar 11
Nitha J. Paulus AP Scholar 11
Michelle M. Perrin AP Scholar 11
Noah S. Pietrafesa AP Scholar 11
Ferah L. Shaikh AP Scholar 11
Katherine H. Simon AP Scholar 11
Francis B. Valdinoto AP Scholar 11
Eriks J. Zamurs AP Scholar 11
Victoria A. Chisari AP Scholar w/ Honors 11
Michelle A. Hsu AP Scholar w/ Distinction 11
Katherine G. Berritto AP Scholar 12
Dean Creedon AP Scholar 12
Matthew J. Doyle AP Scholar 12
Christopher J. Dunne Jr. AP Scholar 12
Howard T. Hogan AP Scholar 12
Victoria M. Mangelli AP Scholar 12
Doran B. McCormack AP Scholar 12
Joseph M. McNamara AP Scholar 12
Nicolas L. Reimer AP Scholar 12
Caroline M. Rice AP Scholar 12
Vincent S. Valli AP Scholar 12
Olivia H. Van Velsor AP Scholar 12
William R. VonToussaint AP Scholar 12
Brooke F. Cody AP Scholar w/ Honors 12
Marlene J. Goldstein AP Scholar w/ Distinction 12
Alim S. Merchant AP Scholar w/ Distinction 12
Olivia G. Olynciw AP Scholar w/ Distinction 12
Kyra A. Schmeizer AP Scholar w/ Distinction 12
Joanna Yu AP Scholar w/ Distinction 12

Advanced Placement Scholars - Graduates

Student AP Designation
Danya W. Karch AP Scholar
Kendall E. Morfis AP Scholar
Jessica E. Penny AP Scholar
Margaret S. Ryan AP Scholar
Spencer M. Weingord AP Scholar
Nicholas E. Chisari AP Scholar w/ Honors
Jake Lachman AP Scholar w/ Honors
Jack Ward AP Scholar w/ Honors
Elisabeth Baumann AP Scholar w/ Distinction
Charlotte A. Creedon AP Scholar w/ Distinction
Brooke P. DiSpirito AP Scholar w/ Distinction
Lucas Ferrante AP Scholar w/ Distinction
Hannah R. Fitzgerald AP Scholar w/ Distinction
William A. Fitzgerald AP Scholar w/ Distinction
Andrew P. Weiss AP Scholar w/ Distinction

IB Scholars – Graduates

Katherine Avazis Carly Knopf
Kelly Barker Jake Lachman
Elisabeth Baumann Evangelia Linardos
Alexandra Bebry Sarah Loher
Bridget Bianco Arianna Lombardi
Isabella Byrne Caroline Martocci
Jarred Byron Maya Mehta
Julia Cervoni Elizabeth Meringolo
Nicholas Chisari Alec Miranda
Craig Conn Emily Moran
Charlotte Creedon Kendall Morfis
Edgar Cruz Julia Orski
Leonardo D'Auria-Gupta Hannah Paulus
Gabrielle Dammers Ella Paz
Danielle DeStefanis Jessica Penny
Brooke Di Spirito Emily Petersen
Thomas Eletto Ravi Prasad
Lucas Ferrante Olivia Proko
Rebecca Finke Margaret Ryan
Hannah FitzGerald Ava Schieferstein
William FitzGerald Shannon Simak
Natalia Gonzalez William Trampel
Olivia Guma Jack Ward
Sophia Haynes Spencer Weingord
William Holowchak Andrew Weiss
Larissa Izaguirre Tyler Williams
Danya Karch Danielle Zambuto
Kyle Kavrazonis Jason Zhou
Maxwell Keller