Original comedic and dramatic monologues were written and will be performed by LVHS students during the 11th Annual Writers/Directors’ Monologue Workshop. This year’s theme is “LOVE” and each student wrote a monologue with their own interpretation of this theme.

Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017 at 7 p.m. in the LVHS Mini-Theater. Admission is free.

Come enjoy the show presented by Sabrina Amian, Sergey Babcock, Michael Catalano, Brooke DiSpirito, Lucas Ferrante, Hannah FitzGerald, Jessica Flores, Valentina Friedrich, Julia Giannoutsos, Hana Glavan, Larissa Izaguirre, Amanda Jones, Carly Knopf, Kristina Lollo and Tim Peguillan.  

Directed & Produced by Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Bolitho, LVHS English Dept. Stage Manager: Estela Maldonado, Lighting: Colin White, Evan Lautato