On the evening of December 1, Bayville Primary School students ate dinner and got ready for bed as usual. When they put on their pajamas, they didn’t head to their beds, but instead headed back to school for a group bedtime story.

Children gathered at the annual Winter Wonderland to listen to Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus read “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  As she turned the pages from her rocking chair in the lobby, Ms. McManus asked the students questions about what was happening in the book. Hands raised and voices shared thoughts about being kind to one another. “They not only enjoyed an entertaining story, but they took away a lesson about being kind to others,” Ms. McManus said.

Following story time, the children gathered in the multipurpose room to do crafts, and write letters to Santa. Some students helped write cards to soldiers to send along with 50 stockings full of treats for the holidays. Through the organization Soldiers’ Angels, families donated snacks, games, gloves, socks, paper and pens and other items to be enjoyed by soldiers who won’t be home for the holidays. 

Ms. McManus said the children look forward to the Winter Wonderland and although they think it is all about fun, there are many lessons being reinforced about kindness and doing for others.