Members of the high school’s Model United Nations club earned awards during the Model United Nations Conference held at The Wheatley School in East Williston on Dec. 8.

The students took on the roles of delegates from various countries, working to solve issues relating to the Venezuelan crisis, nuclear planning in NATO and a historical committee focused on the disassembling of the USSR. Each student worked hard prior to the conference to prepare position papers and was required to argue from the viewpoint of their assigned country.

Tenth-graders Hans Kiessling and Francis Validonoto won Best Position Paper in their committee, NATO International Peace between Euro-Atlantic Countries in the World, representing Italy. Ninth-graders Julia Czerwonka and Emily Barison won Honorable Mention in their committee, Viva Venezuela!

Model United Nations advisers Ashley Gruter and Stephanie Scavelli said they are proud of the students for the hard work and dedication they put into preparing for this conference. The event was a valuable learning experience, as the students gained skills in collaborative group work, on Model UN committee procedures and effective and persuasive communication.