Third grade teachers at Locust Valley Intermediate School put a twist in the usual Thanksgiving tradition of having students state the things for which they are thankful. They started their own tradition of telling each of their students why they are thankful to have them as students. 

Each teacher met individually with students prior to the annual Thanksgiving Feast to personally share with them what makes them special. Each child wore a name tag to share with their classmates what makes them special in their teacher’s eyes. For some it was kindness and compassion, while others were told they are cooperative. 

Third grade teacher Josephine Rothstein said she and her colleagues are thankful for each and every student and added that they enjoyed this so much last year, they decided to continue the tradition. “These students make us want to come to work each day.” Rothstein explained. ‘They should know that they have an impact on us and that we are thankful to be their teachers.” She added that this year, students were asked to pay it forward by telling someone in their lives why they are thankful for them.

The positive feedback from their teachers helped to make the Thanksgiving feast even more special than usual. Volunteers from the Locust Valley Parents’ Council provided food and decorations for the feast and shared in the festivities.