Elementary school children across the district celebrated Thanksgiving with feasts, singing and messages of thanks.

At Locust Valley Intermediate School, third graders gave thanks for acts of kindness performed in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. The students were asked to write down these good deeds that were done by them or for them on a heart-shaped piece of paper. All of the hearts were then hung on a giant heart in the cafeteria for all to see during their annual Thanksgiving Feast. The students read a poem about kindness before staring their feast. Third-grade teacher Shari Zindman said, “We are thankful for all of the things we have done for each other.”

Ann MacArthur Primary School kindergarteners dressed as Pilgrims and Native Americans and performed songs for their families to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday. Following their performance, they joined together to enjoy soup that the students made in their classrooms earlier in the week. 

Bayville Primary School students enjoyed a school-wide Thanksgiving Feast which included traditional holiday foods such as turkey and cranberry sauce. These children also dressed in traditional costumes and had fun with Thanksgiving-themed coloring activities. High school student volunteers helped run the feast. The entire school also had a Thanksgiving sing later in the day, which included a special turkey dance.