Working in conjunction with the community, the high school’s Cancer Awareness Club raised more than $60,000 during Relay for Life. This number is especially impressive since rain required that the event be moved indoors and shortened.

High school junior Victoria Oxer served as the “Survivor Speaker” sharing a touching story of her personal battle with cancer as a little girl. As the audience listened to her explain that the inside of a hospital was her entire world, Victoria choked up on her words, but thanked participants for making a difference and helping to find a cure.

Officers of the Cancer Awareness Club and their advisor, Cory Haldas worked hard before and during the event to ensure things ran smoothly. The club members organized activities that served as fundraisers such as a haircutting ceremony, luminaria ceremony and musical performances.

"The organizers and participants refused to let the wet weather dampen their spirits and brought great energy throughout the event,” said Mr. Haldas.  “Through a great partnership with our community, we raised a tremendous amount of money that will directly fund both services for those currently diagnosed with cancer and research looking for the cure."

Teams of students, parents and faculty members participated, raising funds and awareness for a disease that has affected many of their loved ones. Mr. Haldas said many people deserve thanks and recognition for their dedication to this event. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund, Board of Education President Philip Bellisari, Vice President Douglas S. Johnson and trustees Kerian Carlstrom and Alice Matthaei volunteered their time to register and welcome participants at the event. High School Principal Dr. Kieran McGuire, Assistant Principal Lisa Czerniecki, Locust Valley Elementary School Principal Dr. Sophia Gary, Locust Valley Middle School Assistant Principal Michael LoGerfo, American Cancer Society representative Megan Stewart and Al Wheeler and the custodial staff all made this event possible.