Students moving up to the Middle School and High School in September were honored during ceremonies at their respective schools. 

At Bayville Intermediate School and Locust Valley Intermediate School, Board of Education members, administrators and faculty celebrated students’ successes from kindergarten through fifth grade and encouraged the soon to be sixth graders to try new things in the middle school.

Board of Education Co-Vice President Erika Bruno told the fifth grade graduates at BI that they should be proud of themselves for their accomplishments. She added some advice for them as they begin middle school. “Take advantage of every opportunity that you can. Try a club or a sport that you’ve never tried before — you may discover a passion that you didn’t know you had,” she said.

Locust Valley Fifth graders received praise from Board of Education Trustee Kerian Carlstrom. She encouraged them to join clubs and to try new things. Mrs. Carlstrom told them that middle school should be like being at a pool party when you are not sure if the water is too cold. “Just jump in, the water is fine,” she said.

At Locust Valley Middle School, the eighth graders donned green graduation robes as they marched through the auditorium and were proud to become high school students. The seventh grade band provided the musical background for the evening.

Board of Education Co-Vice President Philip Bellisari spoke at the Middle School ceremony and talked about becoming a young adult and having increasing responsibilities. “It is that hard work and determination that helped you succeed academically, and also helped you mature into the young men and women that sit before us tonight,” he said. “We want you to push yourselves when you enter high school; however, we don’t want you to forget how to have fun.”

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund addressed the graduates at each school, sharing the personal accomplishments and goals of many of the graduates. She shared goals such as achieving honor roll, attending competitive colleges and making teachers proud. “I know you will accomplish all of these things,” Dr. Hunderfund said.

Students and guests at each school were also addressed by administrators. Lori Souther and Tina Ryan spoke at their respective schools on behalf of the parent organizations.

Congratulations to all of the graduates!