Second-graders at Ann MacArthur Primary School used their science, technology, engineering and math skills to transport a group of ghosts from a graveyard to the sky so they could fly away.

Students were required to design and build a pulley system that would lift the ghosts (cotton balls) from the graveyard (floor) using only yarn, binder clips, binder rings, tape, paper plates, magnet clips and pipe cleaners. They were not allowed to lift or pull the system with their own hands.

This STEM project was part of the collaborative math station where students, in heterogeneous groups, work collaboratively on activities. Working in teams, the students needed to use their STEM skills to solve the problem over the course of one week. 

Kimberley Ferina, District Coordinator of Math, K-12, said the activity was an excellent way to teach the children to use their math skills to solve a problem. “This helps them to apply mathematics and the use of simple machines to real-world applications.”