Frosting, sprinkles and gingerbread men helped bring two generations together for a festive holiday activity. Two classes from Bayville Primary School stepped into the role of Santa’s helpers by visiting the residents at Rosewood on the Sound to decorate gingerbread cookies together and help make the holiday a bit more festive.

The young children and the senior citizens worked together spreading frosting and carefully placing colorful sprinkles on each cookie. Although they enjoyed doing the activity together, it didn’t take long before they ate their creations. Dressed in black and red, with elf hats, the children sat alongside the senior citizens, answering questions as they worked. The seniors wanted to know their names, what grades they were in and how old they were.

The children were from Carolyn Morales’ second-grade class and Tracy Dennis’ kindergarten class. Following the cookie decorating, the group sang holiday songs, accompanied on the piano by music teacher Denise Bender. The residents were tapping their hands on the table and singing along. As the children filed out to head back to school, many of the residents were smiling and waving goodbye.

“The students learned the importance of being good citizens by spreading holiday cheer to the older generation,” explained Mrs. Morales.