Special thanks were delivered in person by students, principals and the Superintendent of Schools of the Locust Valley Central School District to the Board of Trustees and the Mayor of the Village of Lattingtown for their part in making the Village safer. The Lattingtown Board voted to approve the creation of school safety zones in front of the Locust Valley MiddleSchool, the Locust Valley High School, the Locust Valley Intermediate School and the Ann Mac Arthur Primary School.

In appreciation of the Board of Trustee’s dedication to the school community, special gifts were presented. Breads baked by culinary students, paintings of the local landscape made by high school student artists and a giant hand-made thank you card from the elementary students were among the gifts.

Lattingtown Mayor Clarence F. Michalis said he was touched by the visit from students, staff and parents for a decision which was simple. “Changing the speed limits in front of the 4 schools and declaring each area, a school safety zone, was easy for us. We will pursue the County to ensure that the correct signs are posted as soon as possible."

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund said that she, Board of Education members, parents and faculty were extremely grateful for the responsiveness and ongoing concern that the Lattingtown Village Trustees and Lattingtown Mayor Michalis always demonstrate regarding the safety of Lattingtown residents.