Young Scientists at Locust Valley Intermediate School proved that with scientific research, curiosity and ingenuity, they could discover the answers to their burning scientific questions. During the annual Science Fair, students displayed and presented their original scientific experiments. They applied skills learned during science lessons to prove a hypothesis and presented their findings with photos, models and written descriptions.

Students from the high school’s science research program served as judges and used their own scientific skills to score the projects.  The Locust Valley Elementary Parents’ Council sponsors the fair each year.

Congratulations to all of the participants on their hard work. The following students earned awards for their experiments:

Third Grade

1st Place

Jack Hansen, Ashton Klar and Sam Zarou

“Into the Wild Blue Yonder” (The Science of Launching an Airplane by Catapult)

2nd Place

Hailey Martin

“How Smell Affects Taste?”

3rd Place

Aidan Buffa and Andrew Wieman

“Are Bigger Magnets Stronger Than Smaller Magnets?”

Fourth Grade

 1st Place

Kieran Moran

“What’s Dirtier?”

 2nd Place

Tamryn Goldberger

“Roller Coaster Science”

 3rd Place

Gianna Palleschi

“How Does a Chick Breathe Inside its Shell?”

Fifth Grade

1st Place

Michael Cervoni and Gerardo Salinas

“Hydrodynamics: Don’t Be a Drag”


2nd Place

Max Cohen and Aidan Grohman

“How to Feed Your Plants”

3rd Place

Aidan Moran

“Is it Biodegradable?”