High school students recently finished in the top ten among 45 schools in a Science Olympiad, which challenged them to find creative ways to complete scientific tasks.

Science Olympiad is a full day competition consisting of writing, building and laboratory events spanning across the major disciplines of science. Students worked in small groups to complete tasks such as building and racing vehicles with specific regulations and building catapults designed to launch a ping-pong ball at a target.

The teams also competed in discipline-specific knowledge examinations and performed laboratory experiments to determine chemical and biological substances.

Congratulations to the Science Olympiad team of Sergey Babcock, Edgar Cruz, William Fitzgerald, Natalia Gonzalez, Carly Knopf, Ravi Prasad, William Trampel, Christine Carroll, Robert Dressler, Adam Limperis-Kaufman, Faith McQuiston, Charlotte Brennan, Joy Choi, and Sara Orellana.

Science Olympiad advisors Walter Gurzynski, Courtney McKay, Doug Notti, and Chris Schmid coached the team in preparation for and during the competition.

“Science Olympiad is a wonderful outlet for students to work collaboratively in order to build upon their science knowledge,” said Ms. McKay. “Hard work in the months leading up to the Science Olympiad is celebrated with a day of fun and interesting competitions and recognition of scientific achievement.”