In celebration of World Read Aloud Day, Bayville Primary School students welcomed high school students to their classrooms to read to them and conduct activities promoting citizenship.

First-grade teacher Carolyn Sumcizk organized the event, which included the entire BP student population and representatives of the high school student government. The day started with a slideshow highlighting various community service projects throughout the school district that exemplified good citizenship. Following the presentation, students met in small groups and listened as the high school visitors read to them. First- and second-graders enjoyed the book “Being a Good Citizen,” while second-graders listened intently to “Miss Rumphius.”

Following story time, the high school students held an activity in which the younger children were given different scenarios and had to decide whether they demonstrated good citizenship. The two age groups worked beautifully together.

“Everyone benefited from the event,” said Assistant Principal Dorothy McManus. “Our primary school students look up to the high school students and want to follow in their footsteps, so they are anxious to be the good citizens that their role models are.” She added that the high school students practiced leadership skills and smiled throughout the day.