Locust Valley High School students took to the stage to perform a variety of talents during the high school’s annual Spotlight Night. Singers, dancers, actors and musicians showed off their creativity and talent for an audience that filled the mini-theater.

Sponsored by the student organization that publishes Perspective, the event served not only as a creative outlet, but as a fundraiser as well. Members of the high school’s student government and Relay for Life committee collected admission fees and sold snacks to raise funds for the high school and for cancer research.

Perspective advisor David Coonan said that Spotlight Night is a celebration of all arts, especially the performing arts, and that it has helped many students over the years overcome their fears of performing and public speaking. "Being able to get up in front of a group of peers and family members to perform a piece of music, a monologue or dance routine with passion is a memorable moment in a student's life," he said. "They learn that sharing art is another way to enjoy it, and they get to show off a talent that others may not know they have."

In its fifth year, the event has grown and this year included 19 acts. Mr. Coonan said that this growth can be attributed to the overall positive vibe of the event. "The performers know that they are in a supportive environment that is completely free of all judgment, and encourages them to experiment with their craft. Knowing that the audience and other performers are on their side takes away a lot of the fear. It's my hope that the show continues to grow even more in the years to come."