Third-graders in Marie Fonzo’s class at Bayville Intermediate School skipped making jack-o’-lanterns and instead created realistic globes out of their pumpkins. Complete with the continents, oceans, equator and prime meridian, the project reinforced the curriculum, which includes a unit on maps and globes.

The orange pumpkins were barely recognizable after being painted blue. Once the paint had dried, the continents were drawn on and filled in with fluorescent paint. Students were required to paint each continent a different color of their choosing. The equator was denoted by a red beaded string and the prime meridian was marked off as well. 

Student Holly Ward said the project helped her learn about the globe and the world’s continents. “This helped us remember which continent is which,” she said. 

Mrs. Fonzo said that was the intent of the project. She explained that by doing an active project, the children would remember the lesson. “This activity allows students to be intellectually active while taking a creative approach to learning,” she said. “When students are fully engaged and able to work collaboratively, optimal learning is achieved."