Locust Valley Middle School students are working to promote tolerance. In an effort to learn about preventing bullying and other types of intolerant behavior, a group of students attended Middle School Tolerance Day, sponsored by the Nassau County Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center in Glen Cove. The seventh- and eighth- graders were chosen by their social studies teachers to be part of this important program.

The LVMS students joined approximately two hundred other middle school students from across Long Island to participate in workshops designed to help them teach other students to be "upstanders." They shared what they learned with their classmates at one of the middle school’s monthly town meetings by presenting what they learned, particularly the idea that even one individual has the power to make a positive difference in the lives of others. 

Middle school social studies teacher Evelyn Mason said, “the hope is that participating in the program will help our "Ambassadors of Tolerance" to continue spreading this message of standing up against bullying and intolerance throughout our middle school and our high school.”