As members of the senior class turn 18, they will be able to vote in local and national elections for the first time in their lives. To help them understand the process, they participated in a workshop on elections and voting provided by the Democratic and Republican election commissioners and poll workers.

Students learned about the history and importance of voting in our democracy and reviewed recent voter demographic studies. Those students who were not already registered to vote had an opportunity to register on the spot. Absentee ballots were distributed for those planning to attend out-of-town colleges.

In order to ease the actual voting process on Election Day, students took part in a mock vote, using sample ballots and an actual new electronic voting booth provided by the Nassau County Board of Elections. This exercise helped them feel more comfortable with the voting process.

Social Studies Coordinator David Ethé said this was an important lesson in history and civics. “The students received valuable voting and election materials and information in order to ensure that they continue to be active and engaged citizens.”