Honoring the memory of those lost on Sept. 11, 2001, Locust Valley Middle School/High School students and staff reflected on the events of that day 15 years ago. David J. Ethe, Social Studies Curriculum Leader, read a touching message to the entire school during the morning announcements. Student musicians sang God Bless America and played taps in memory of those who perished on that day.

Mr. Ethe spoke of the tragic events and reminded the audience that it is important to remember, to grow and to unite. “America endures in the strength of these 9/11 families who, through their anguish, kept living. They have kept alive a love that no act of terror can ever extinguish. They and their sons and daughters, are growing into extraordinary young men and women they knew they could be. By these families shining examples, they have turned this day into something that those who attacked us could never abide by, and that is a tribute of hope over fear, and love over hate.”

Throughout the day, teachers focused many of their social studies lessons on 9-11, discussing the historical impact, reading poetry about the day and watching educational videos on the topic.