Students entering the sixth and ninth grades attended orientations at the middle school and high school, respectively, to become familiar with the facilities, the rules and their fellow classmates.

At both schools, new students were given small group tours led by upperclassmen, who answered questions about student life. They located their classrooms, the cafeteria, gymnasium, main offices and other important rooms that they may need. Sixth-graders spent time learning how to open their lockers. Ninth-graders, familiar with many parts of the building from their time in the middle school, spent more time learning the rules and how to use Naviance, the technology platform that tracks their college and career readiness.

Administrators from both buildings welcomed the students, encouraged them to participate in clubs and athletics, and assured them that their doors were open should they need help of any kind.

“Providing an opportunity for students to become familiar with the facilities and practices within our buildings allows for a more successful first day of school,” said Middle School Principal H. Thomas Hogan. “The support will continue throughout the school year.”