As the doors opened on Sept. 6 for the first day of the school year, students from the primary schools through the high school smiled as they reunited with their friends, met their teachers and began to challenge themselves.  Kindergarten students spent their first day getting to know each other and learning the routine. They were wide-eyed with curiosity about what the school day would bring. Many carried lunch boxes and book bags, wore name tags and asked questions. Teachers had all the answers to make them feel comfortable.

At the middle and high school level, innovative lessons in math, history, science and technology were already providing students with the opportunity to expand their horizons.

Intermediate school students jumped right into the curriculum as well, preparing for a year of growth and development. Incoming third-graders explored their new surroundings and began to acclimate to a new routine.

Please check the district calendar for a list of events taking place throughout the year and join us for as many as you can!