Fifth graders bid farewell to elementary school during moving-up ceremonies that celebrated their unique abilities and talents. Each of the graduates was given an award for a trait that makes them special. The awards at Bayville Intermediate School included Confidence to Take Action,Leadership and Responsibility, Making a Difference, Sense of Accomplishment, Curiosity and Creativity and Sense of Adventure. At Locust Valley Intermediate School, the award categories were 

Speakers included Board of Education trustees, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund, Principals and parent leaders. Each one shared memories, advice for middle school and their genuine pride and admiration for the students. Dr. Hunderfund had requested that the students send her information prior to the event and she shared their responses, which included their hopes for the future and their favorite memories of elementary school. She was pleased to report that the students stated they will miss their teachers the most and that they wished for a drug free society. 

The students performed songs, introduced all of the speakers and served as bell ringers. In each of the intermediate schools, ringing the bell at the moving up ceremony is a tradition that dates back many years and the six strikes of the bell represent the six years that the students were in the elementary school.

Congratulations to the fifth graders and good luck in middle school!